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Evia Adventure Tours & Activities “Cancellation”

Experiencing the worst travel ban since the founding of our company but also the recent travel history worldwide, it is definitely the worst time to urge anyone to travel. Therefore we are suspending our operations and marketing efforts for an undefined amount of time due to coronavirus (COVID-19), until we are able to act otherwise.

It is a time to act responsibly and try to avoid the disaster many countries, including Greece, are going through. Our advise is to stay at home, keep small kids away from elderly people, sanitize and keep a safe distance from others when outdoors in an effort to contain this massive outbreak.

As of today, we are working from home, and you can contact us through email if you would need anything from us. Both Tours and Bike Rentals from our station at Grand Bleu Beach Resort are being suspended for an undefined amount of time, until further notice. Under exceptional circumstances we will only operate if there are bike rental requests that entail NO or LIMITED one on one contact.

We totally agree with the efforts of the Greek government to impose such strict measures in order to contain the virus and flatten the curve of new infections. We are very thankful for the timely and immediate response in taking the best actions possible.

Below you will find events & actions taken by the Greek government until 15/3/2020:

Update 15/3/2020

Greece Closes Ports to Cruise Ships, Suspends Flights to Spain and Albania

Update 14/3/2020

Greek prime minister shuts down organized beaches and ski resorts

Update 14/3/2020

Seasonal accommodation tourist units in Greece will remain temporarily closed from March 15 until April 30 the government decided late Saturday in an effort to stop the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19)

*Including Grand Bleu Beach Resort

Update 14/3/2020

Greece Halts All Flights to Italy Because of Coronavirus

Update 13/3/2020

Greece Shuts Restaurants, Bars, Malls as Coronavirus Cases Rise

Update 11/3/2020

World Health Organization (WHO) declared a global pandemic

Update 8/3/2020

Greece Shuts all educational institutions


Yours sincerely

Steven Kounis