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“What is included in the price of a Multi day tour package?”

*English speaking, local qualified Guidance by Evia Adventure Tours
*Transport to and from Athens Airport
*Everyday transfers to each hiking destination
*Breakfast, evening meals when specified

*Accommodation when specified

Do the cycling tours have extra features?”

Yes! This depends however on the MTB route which each individual mountain bike tour follows. Our MTB tours can include swimming, hiking, wine or local food tasting, Byzantine churches, castles or ancient sites. Please have a look at the mountain bike itinerary of each MTB tour, in order to find out which of these additional activities are included.

“How big are the groups?”

Every guided mountain bike tour consists of 2 (minimum) to 20 (maximum) participants, depending on the type of MTB tour the participants have chosen. 1 highly experienced guide will be available for approximately every 10 riders.

“Can children come on your tours?”

Yes! In our MTB Center we have a wide variety of children and junior bikes, so that children from the age of eight years and older can bike together with their parents on our Level A tours. Please note that our Level B, C & D mountain biking tours are not suited for children under the age of 15. All our Trekking Tours are suitable for ages 15+.

“Extra Services”

We can arrange full transport and accommodation to and from Athens Airport.

Our bike rental service will cost from 10 euro per day.

We can also arrange custom bike rental services (price will vary depending on the bike model).

“What if it rains on any day of the tour?”

We keep our spirit high!!!! The odds are against a rainy day in the touring season in Greece as our statistics on tour have shown 2-3 rainy days over the span of 250 tour days the previous 2 seasons.

In case of a rainy day we will gladly organize a tour to local museums or churches. Any admission fees will not be included


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