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Lefkandi is a coastal town in Evia with a nice seafront and beach you can have a swim in. You can find a handful of ancient ruins you can visit but you have to look carefully or get pointed to the right direction. Connected to Vasiliko & Mytikas area it is an ideal family destination.

Vasiliko is a small town located on the main road connecting Chalkida with Eretria. It is a lively little town between Lefkanti & Fylla village, with some well organised  sites you can visit upon request. The main attraction is the 17m high Venetian Tower of Vasiliko.

Mytikas is the area which connects Lampsakos, Vasiliko & Fylla village. Mytikas with it’s endless olive groves & vineyards.

One of the most ancient historic kind of cultivation in Lilantion plaines is the vineyard, which has been cultivated in the area of Ampelia of Mytikas, Fylla, Afrati & Agios Nikolaos, the same place where they have been cultivated since thousands of years. During antiquity the wine god Dyonisos was celebrated here, of which there used to be a santcuary.

The name Mytikas according to linguists derives from the name of goddess Myti, which was Zeus’s wife, there used to be a sanctuary to the goddess who was said to be the protector of Mytika. This name was established by the landowners who settled in the area, Mytikas is sporadically built on all it’s extent, as the whole area is a large treegarden, an Eden’s Garden.

Here in Mytika you will come across many olive mills as sample of the rich in production of olive oil plains of Lilantion. In between the lush lowland landscape of Mytika with it’s vast kinds of trees, arises a dirt hill with Saint Athanasios church and two venetian tower which stand tall since the 13th century. The road to the two tower is rideable and visitors can admire the beauty of the lowland part of Lilantion.

The castle of knight Lykarios cannot be missed as it dominated on it’s own hill just opposite the two towers. Walking up to the castle will reward you with great views of Lilantio plane, the Evian gulf and Dirfys mountain.

Unfortunately there are no accommodations at this location at the moment.

Wine Tour / The Vineyards of Central Evia

Wine Tour / The Vineyards of Central Evia

Lefkandi, Steni, Chalkis, Eretria
Price per person from 35
Central Evia is well renowned for it’s vineyards. The places called Ampelia, Mytikas & Ritsona a More info