On this two-day tour you will have the opportunity to enjoy all the peaceful scenery around Afrati village, and the seaside area of Chalkis in a more relaxed and laid-back manner. Pedal assisted bikes will take some of the “pedal” part of these rides away, leaving all the enjoyment of the rides to the riders.

Great landscape, cycling through the vineyards of Lilantion plains and all sorts of fruit and nut trees are the main feature of this 2-day e-bike assisted adventure. Cycling along the beach we might even have the opportunity to have a swim.

DAY 1 : Vineyards & Seaside pleasure

Not many people know that one of Evia’s main vineyard area is just cycling distance from the city center. Stayin in Fylla village we are just next to Mytikas which is renowned for it’s quality wine producers.We will come across the Two Towers of Fylla. Cycling in peaceful roads we will reach the capital city of Chalkis.

Our returning route will get us to know the other half of Chalkida seaside, the busy part with apartment buildings just next to beautiful beaches. Visiting the lighthouse of Chalkis is a well hidden secret to many foreigners


Start of the Tour


Reach the busy promenade of Chalkis and watch the tidal phenomenon of the Evripus straight from the Bridge of Chalkis. Cycle coast to coast along Chalkis’s sublime seaside houses and  coved beaches



Swim or Snack stop


Continue our tour along orange & olive groves


Visiting the Castle of Karababa


Arrive back to the Villa, end of tour

  • Total length : 53 km
  • Total Elevation Gain : 417 m


DAY 2 : Mountain & Quarries of Afrati - Departure

After a good breakfast, we start of our last day of this tour

Following the stream of Lilas we will head to the quarry of magnesite above the village of Afrati. We will ride a small singletrack and follow the Lilas riverbed.


Start of the Tour


Cycle trough Afrati village and the quarry of magnesite. Mountain cycling with a easy single track at the end.


Snack stop at the scenic viepoint


Arrive back to the Villa, end of tour

  • Total length : 35 km
  • Total Elevation Gain : 1078 m



  • Price for Guided Tour/ including accommodation: 160 €
  • Price for Guided Tour/ without accommodation: 85 €


During this tour you will stay in the MadCatFarm. MadCat Farm is an ecofriendly bed and breakfast guesthouse on the edge of Fylla village. There are three suites and two double rooms, all created using what the owners could of the original structure of the farm and individually furnished with a touch of Greece and a touch of South Africa, which is where we they are from. You will understand from this that our aim is comfort and a unique experience for anglophones who would like to experience Greece with the support of translation and knowledge of the locale - tavernas, museums, excursions and so on.

What does the tour include:

  • Accommodation for 1 nights
  • Guidance by Evia Adventure Tours
  • E-Bike rental
  • Transport to and from Athens
  • Breakfast

Bike rental

E-Mountain Bike & helmet included in the price

Extras – Not Included

Tickets to/from Athens airports
Entrance fees to archaeological areas / museums
Guided tours to archaeological areas / museums
Personal travel insurance


LefkandiLefkandi is a coastal town in Evia with a nice seafront and beach you can have a swim in. You can find a handful of ancient ruins you can visit but you have to look carefully or get pointed to the right direction. Connected to Vasiliko & Mytikas area it is an ideal family destination. Read more


ChalkisChalkis is the capital of Evia with a population of about 52.000 people. One part of Chalkis is situated on the island of Evia, but the other part is located on mainland Greece. The town of Chalkis lies right at the narrowest point of Evripus strait thus claiming the nickname of the city of “Crazy Read more

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