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Trekking Tour Levels

Below you will find walk grade specifications to assist you when choosing one of our walks. If you're unsure of your fitness level or are introducing a person to hiking, try a short and easy walk first which you will enjoy. You can then extend yourself further as your experience and fitness improves. You do need to bare in mind the distance of the walk, regional differences in terrain, the height and length of ascents and descends, heat and the possibility of bad weather; all factors which can make a walk more difficult than anticipated.


Activity level A : Light Pace

Crade A

Prior experience is not necessary. These are walks for anyone who is healthy and fit with no kind of special disability. Unsurfaced roads or cobbled paths will be included on these walks. You will normally two to five hours on these walks, with ascents of 300m to 500m.

Activity level B : Moderate pace

Crade B

Walks for those used to country walking or with experience in longer and more extended walks. Good health and fitness are important as we are more likely to encounter higher altitude and rougher terrain. A walk day is normally five to seven hours with daily ascends of 500m to 800m.

Activity level C : Active pace

Crade C

Fitness is really important for these kinds of tours. Extended walks at home are a great example for these tours. Technical terrain is a plus for these tours, but also remoteness and altitude will play a significant role determining the level of difficulty. Walking days may extend as much as six and eight hours, crossing narrow passes or high peaks, with daily ascends of 900m to 1000m.

Activity level D : Challenging pace


Crade D

Above average fitness level is important. Previous trekking experience is needed. Complete confidence and ability to be self sustained in harsh environment and weather.  High peaks and rough country will be encountered, of six to nine hours of walking, with ascends of 900m to 1000m.


Activity level E : Strenuous pace

Grade E

Taking part in Level E tours means you are fully aware of harsh conditions and high elevations. These tours tend to be multi day or  specially and technically challenging. Level E Tours will most likely be rope assisted climbs, you will need ice axes or crampons. Fitness level must be outstanding in order to keep up with these tours. You can be on your feet for more than ten hours.