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Website Redesign Feedback

The past few months have been very productive in the sense that we have been in a state of constant development, major operations restructuring and general improvement in our marketing and business strategy. We have completed the following tasks, in order for future visitors to be able to navigate throughout our website & proceed to the booking process in the smoothest way possible. By the 1st of March 2020, we finalized the major revamp and since then we have just been fiddling with small bits and pieces here and there.

Although we have been through a series of different logos and website designs since our beginning in 2013, it is our gut feeling that the current branding is here to stay.

This is what we have been up to the past couple of months :

  • Full website redesign
  • Enhancing website user experience
  • New Logo & Branding
  • Email communication restructuring
  • Rearranging Tour Operations (when and how we operate tours)
  • Online Bike Rental Booking in place


So on top of the above-mentioned actions, we had to implement :

  • Crisis Management Plans either we wanted it or not!!

It is more likely that by now more and more of you are getting into a lockdown state, with strict travel bans no matter where you are from. It is therefore valuable time for self-calmness and family bonding. Furthermore, we do strictly urge everyone to “STAY AT HOME”.

Having more time at hand we would really appreciate your sincere and productive reviews and recommendation concerning the changes we have made to our website, or please do send us any other suggestions you might have. It looks like for the following 1-2 months we will be operating very little or at the worst case, NO tours until further notice, as Greece has imposed a lockdown on all educational institutions, cafes, restaurants and shops, all hotels(until the 30th of April), flights to and from affected areas, and general curfew.

The core of our company is based on a highly creative format, where we tend to create tours and products out of scattered sights or experiences, local history, and other valuable information. We then connect the dots and gaps between them, producing attractive activities and experiences for our future visitors on Evia Island. Therefore now is the time to recollect, refine and enhance what we have on offer, and every one of you plays a crucial role in this effort. We believe that instead of sitting back and waiting to get hit by what is coming, now is the time for all of us to try our best to be constructive but also reevaluate the way we operate as individuals in our everyday lives and businesses.

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